Some career portfolio documents are eligible for efficiency pricing.

* Sometimes when other career documents are purchased at the same time as the resume, Shauna can structure the combined project more efficiently than if they’re purchased and developed as separate projects. Shauna passes the resulting savings to you in the form of efficiency pricing.

Letters of Recommendation

Signers don’t always know what to include in a great letter of recommendation and aren’t always available (or able) to write a thoughtful and thorough letter. To ensure your letter is a great one, we can write it together so that you’ll have an outstanding and on-point letter to present for approval and signature.

Reference Dossier

Your reference sheet can be so much more than just a list of names, and prospective employers should not be on a wild goose chase trying to track down your references. Your reference page contains contact information for your 3 to 5 references, along with a synopsis of your relationship with them and the wonderful things they can be expected to say about you.

Networking Cards

Hand out your career and goal information at social events, job fairs, meetings, anywhere! An essential personal branding tool for those who do not have business cards (like students or career changers) and those who do not wish to use current business cards in job searches.

Writing Sample Selection and Preparation, Personal Statements, and Essays

Many employers use a writing sample to screen out candidates. They want to see your legal analysis, logic, and organization, as well as ensure you avoid common grammar, formatting, and other errors. Shauna can assist you in selecting and preparing writing samples and other essays.

Creating or Editing Other Documents

Faced with daunting questionnaires or additional requests from recruiters or employers? Need assistance tackling something else? Shauna can help.

  • Available for resume clients only.
  • Priced individually for your needs.