Ask the Hiring Attorney® is Shauna’s expert Q&A column especially for law school students, recent law school graduates, and junior attorneys.

In 2012, Shauna became Bloomberg Law’s first and only contributing columnist for their subsription-only student Career Resources. Her Ask the Hiring Attorney column is a key part of Bloomberg Law’s outreach to approximately 200 American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools, as well as those law schools’ career centers, law libraries, and nearly 140,000 law students and recent graduates.

Have you read Bloomberg Law’s Blog called Ask the Hiring Attorney? If not, you should! ~ Cleveland-Marshall College of Law’s law librarian blog


“Ask the Hiring Attorney” series of “Qs & As” are a must read before an interview with a law firm. ~ Roger Williams University School of Law’s Legal Beagle’s Blog

Staring in April 2016, the column has been updated and reprinted for the American Bar Association (ABA) for Law Students’ blog, “Beyond the Bar.”

In the column, Shauna answers questions from entry-level lawyers on resume writing, interviewing, career development, job search, business etiquette, references, quitting a job, networking, business development, job performance, reputation management, social media, background checks, working with legal recruiters, telecommuting, informational interviews, building technical skills, gaps in employment, and more.

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Why do I need a new email address for my job search?

Why can’t I leave my voice mail turned off?

How do I get feedback from job interviews?

How do I hire a legal recruiter?


Is my career over because I didn’t get a paying legal job for the summer?

What do I do if I don’t know the answer to the interviewer’s question?

Can I put my photo on my resume?

How do I ask for letters of recommendation for admission to my state bar?

Updated at ABA for Law Students: How do I show my bar status on my resume?

How do I network when I don’t know where I will be living?

If I’m trying to network into a job, should I still formally apply?

Should I include my time at a two-year college on my resume?

No one on the west coast recognizes my east coast college

Should I talk about my bad grade in my interview?


How can I avoid stumbling on my words during an interview?

Do I respond to informational emails from the partner?

Do I have to sign a cover letter that’s electronically delivered?

How can I connect with people who have viewed my LinkedIn profile?

How do I answer interview questions about my strengths?


How can I build connections with alumni in a new city?

How can I focus my job interview on my earlier, non-legal work experience?

Updated at ABA for Law Students: How can I sound qualified?

How do I answer interview questions about my weaknesses?

What’s the difference between preparing for telephone and in-person interviews?


How much do I need to know about firms where I’m interviewing?

What do I do if I’m in the bottom half of my class?

How do I stand out at a law firm holiday reception while still being “safe”?

Can I ask a law firm partner I just met to serve as a reference?

Updated at ABA for Law Students: What does it mean to ‘be professional’?


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