Can colleagues, potential clients, legal recruiters, and prospective employers find you? What will they see if they do?

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Love it or hate it, LinkedIn® is a top tool for hiring personnel. Some recruiters report spending 4 to 5 hours each day on LinkedIn scouting top candidates. Likewise, employers use LinkedIn® to vet job applicants — even before initial interviews.

LinkedIn® is also a top tool for lawyers wanting to establish a free, professional online identity that they — rather than their employers — control.

Some attorneys have online profiles through their law firms. But those profiles are designed to advance their employers’ interests, not their own career goals.

For lawyers in corporations, government, nonprofits, and other employers that do not have online profiles of their attorneys, a LinkedIn® profile may be one of the few ways to have any professional online presence at all.

LinkedIn® allows attorneys to build professional networks, re-establish ties with old colleagues and classmates, establish themselves as subject matter experts and thought-leaders, interact with lawyers around the world in similar or related practice areas, meet potential clients, and research employers and job opportunities. All these activities can lead to career opportunities.

Shauna recommends every attorney have a strong presence on LinkedIn. Her one-on-one services build upon her book, LinkedIn® For Lawyers And Law Students: Profiles, Job Search, Networking, Ethics, And Etiquette. Clients receive personalized tutorials based on the book designed to get you up-and-running in as little as an hour, but also to provide in-depth information you can refer to over the coming weeks and months.

Some LinkedIn documents are eligible for efficiency pricing.*

* Sometimes when other career documents are purchased at the same time as the resume, Shauna can structure the combined project more efficiently than if they’re purchased and developed as separate projects. Shauna passes the resulting savings to you in the form of efficiency pricing.

LinkedIn® Profile Optimization For Lawyers — Full Design

 Your project includes:
  • Strategy and Interview Session (as needed)
  • LinkedIn® For Lawyers And Law Students: Profiles, Job Search, Networking, Ethics, And Etiquette
  • Personalized LinkedIn® Profile Optimization Tutorial with:
    • Headline
    • Summary
    • Experience fields (or other incorporation of) all positions covered in your master resume,
    • 50 suggested Skills & Expertise
    • Education fields
    • Incorporation of publications, presentations, representative matters, professional honors and awards, bar admissions, bar associations and other organizations, and more
    • Recommendations on custom URL, photo, location, and industry choices
    • Review and recommendations on existing LinkedIn® profile, including groups and number of connections
  • Strategy, Editing, and LinkedIn® Coaching Session (as needed) to prepare you to input your changes (seeWhy won’t *you* log onto my LinkedIn profile for me?”)

Process and pricing:

LinkedIn® Training And Social Media Coaching For Lawyers

Individual LinkedIn® training and coaching is recommended for those who have limited experience with social media or LinkedIn®; who have concerns about navigating the platform, privacy, or other attorney-specific uses of LinkedIn®; or who want to delve more deeply into some of the powerful ways to use the platform.