In addition to being a nationally recognized expert on legal resumes and career coaching for lawyers of all levels, Shauna C. Bryce is an experienced speaker, presenter, panelist, and trainer.


The presentation was loaded with practical tips, purred along smoothly, and packed a lot into an hour. Loved it!

Barb Poole
Award-Winning Career Coach,
Writer & Strategist

“Wonderful presentation for a normally confusing topic!”

“This was very beneficial. A great investment of my time. I have a lot of actionable takeaways.”

Shauna presenting to overflow audience of university, private, and other career counselors.

“When the Dream Confronts Reality: Preparing Students for the New Normal of More Competition for Fewer Jobs,” MCDA annual conference, 2014.

“[V]ery knowledgeable and stayed on after the hour for a lively and interesting discussion.”

“Fantastic information”

“Great workshop!”

She presented her information in clear, easy to digest segments and provided excellent samples of resumes… she is more than willing to share her expertise to help others succeed!

Norine Dagliano, Job Search Specialist: Inspiring AH-HA! Moments. Empowering Job Seekers

Shauna with co-presenter Jared Redick, Career Transition Coach & Executive Résumé Writer, in limited attendance workshop.

The National Resume Writers’ Association 2014 annual conference.

Job Transitions are a Fact of Life—In Every Economy

Sometimes circumstances and priorities change, sometimes a hire just doesn’t work out.

Not every law firm associate will make partner and not every partner will stay forever.

Corporate legal departments reorganize and downsize.

Regardless of the underlying cause, termination comes as a shock to many attorneys. However, even those employees who sense the separation is coming need a compassionate partner to move through the initial dismay, anger, fear, doubt, and even questions of self-worth. These negative emotions can poison lawyers’ relationships with their employers and remaining attorneys, as well as sabotage their job search.

Outplacement services are key way employers can help their attorneys transition to high quality employment. Career transition coaching and other career services for departing lawyers may also provide important benefits to employers:

  • Preservation of goodwill with the departing lawyer
  • Increase in likelihood of client or business referrals from the departing lawyer
  • Protection of the employer’s positive reputation among potential hires
  • Reassurance to remaining attorneys that their employer cares about their long-term success and livelihoods
  • Increase in participation in valuable employers’ alumni networks
  • Reduction in unpleasantness, unemployment claims, and lawsuits



We can help your departing attorneys move forward and thrive.

We’ve worked with attorneys who are separating from their current employers for a variety of reasons. We’ve even provided outplacement services to AmLaw 100 law firms. Our outplacement services can include confidence building, résumé critiques and résumé writing, job interview preparation, job search coaching, networking, career decision-making, evaluation of transferrable skills and potential skills gaps, identification of potential employers, and more—all with an emphasis on developing an action plan to help your lawyers land quality employment faster. We can also include resources available in our bookstore.

In partnership with your director of legal hiring, director of attorney professional development, or Human Resources team, we can tailor a package that works with your organization’s timeline, budget, and goals. Let us know how we can help.



Why work with Bryce Legal? Here’s what our corporate and law firm clients’ transitioning lawyers say. For even more testimonials for attorneys who have worked with us, please see Our Client Testimonials.


I’ve already gotten a job. Your magic works quickly!

Client: BigLaw outplacement coaching client


Thanks, Shauna. This has been so enlightening. I wish I had met you earlier.

Client: BigLaw associate in outplacement coaching


This coaching has definitely been helpful for me to think through what the transition out is going to look like, and how to prepare to be successful in my new job. These are great things to think about.

Client: BigLaw associate in outplacement


It has been great working with you. I appreciate your expertise and knowledge and I feel like I’m in a much better place.

Client: Law firm transition / outplacement white collar crime litigator in BigLaw