In addition to being a nationally recognized expert on legal resumes and career coaching for lawyers of all levels, Shauna C. Bryce is an experienced speaker, presenter, panelist, and trainer.


The presentation was loaded with practical tips, purred along smoothly, and packed a lot into an hour. Loved it!

Barb Poole
Award-Winning Career Coach,
Writer & Strategist

“Wonderful presentation for a normally confusing topic!”

“This was very beneficial. A great investment of my time. I have a lot of actionable takeaways.”

Shauna presenting to overflow audience of university, private, and other career counselors.

“When the Dream Confronts Reality: Preparing Students for the New Normal of More Competition for Fewer Jobs,” MCDA annual conference, 2014.

“[V]ery knowledgeable and stayed on after the hour for a lively and interesting discussion.”

“Fantastic information”

“Great workshop!”

She presented her information in clear, easy to digest segments and provided excellent samples of resumes… she is more than willing to share her expertise to help others succeed!

Norine Dagliano, Job Search Specialist: Inspiring AH-HA! Moments. Empowering Job Seekers

Shauna with co-presenter Jared Redick, Career Transition Coach & Executive Résumé Writer, in limited attendance workshop.

The National Resume Writers’ Association 2014 annual conference.

Law firms recognize not every associate will make partner and not every partner will stay forever. Firms also know the value of ensuring their professional family and firm alumni thrive as they move forward. Shauna has helped countless law firm attorneys transition to other employers, including other law firms, corporations, federal and state government, and nonprofits.

Law schools can bring Shauna in to complement the expertise within their career centers. It’s essential for law students to have a strong launch to their careers, as underemployment or unemployment can have negative effects that last for years. Shauna can help schools ensure their students take those first, key steps in the right direction. She’s been in the hiring trenches both in down and in hot hiring markets — as a hiring attorney and a legal career development expert.

Bloomberg Law® and LexisNexis® have partnered with Shauna as part of their outreach to law schools and law students. She is also an affiliate member of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), and an attendee of the Institute for the Advance of the American Legal System’s (IAALS) Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers® conference.

Bar associations and other organizations that have career development as part of their missions have had Shauna present to their members. As a thought-leader, she’s spoken on such topics as: preparing for the new normal of more competition for fewer jobs, converting degrees into paying jobs, and traversing the generation gap. She’s also presented on more “nuts-and-bolts” topics, including: writing legal resumes, transitioning from law school to law practice, professional attire, and preparing for job interviews.

Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are another way law firms and other legal employers can help their attorneys. Outplacement services can ease the transition for lawyers affected by layoffs, benefiting both employer and employees. Having worked with many laid-off attorneys or lawyers otherwise adversely impacted by the economy, Shauna assists many attorneys in flux.

Presentations & Workshops

Shauna is available either in-person, or remotely through teleseminars, webinars, and step-by-step programs.

She’s known for clear explanations of overall job search and career development strategies, how the hiring process works, and the need to balance idealism with practicality:
“[Q]uite a niche expert, and I appreciated her insights and perspectives coming from the attorney, hiring and career professional perspectives. She has a pulse on the realities of the economy and what those hiring in the legal field want. The presentation was loaded with practical tips, went smoothly and packed a lot into one hour. Loved it!”

“Very knowledgeable. Perfectly suited for our industry.”

“Wonderful presentation for a normally confusing topic!”

“Excellent info. Very comprehensive.”

“Excellent info from an accomplished professional.”

“[A]n exemplary presentation.”

“[A]nswered questions professionally and comprehensively.”

“[V]ery knowledgeable and stayed on after the hour for a lively and interesting discussion.”

“Excellent presentation. I came away with several helpful tips.”

“Extremely helpful, especially about how to prepare [for job interviews], what questions to expect and how to present yourself.”

Contact Shauna

Please contact Shauna at 443-569-3656 or to ask about tailored presentations or workshops for your organization, or to ask about designing individual or group outplacement services.