105 easily digestible pages, cover to cover
22,000 words, including quotes from interviews of
over 150 supervising attorneys, hiring attorneys, legal recruiters, and more

“[I]n addition to putting general industry best practices into context…, Bryce gives practical advice from practicing attorneys who have been on both sides of the interview table.” ~ Harvard Law Bulletin on the original Guide

As a current law school student, recent graduate, or a junior attorney, you know you’re facing the worst job market in years.

When Shauna C. Bryce, Esq. set out to write the first in the How to Get a Legal Job® series, How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys and Law School Students, she wanted it to be different from any other resume writing and career advice books on the market in four key ways:

  • She wanted the Guide to be more than just rehashing of general common sense advice. Instead, Shauna wanted to focus on the legal industry and let readers in on what hiring attorneys were actually thinking.
  • She wanted the Guide to be more than just an assortment of cut-and-paste template career documents. Instead, Shauna wanted readers to understand the principles behind creating stellar resumes, cover letters, and other career documents.
  • She wanted the Guide to be more than just vague interviewing or networking advice.Instead, Shauna wanted readers to understand the way the hiring process works and what’s happening on the other side of the table.
  • Most of all, she wanted the Guide to be more than just my advice to you. So instead, Shauna interviewed over 150 attorneys to get their advice to you.

Those attorneys provided a wealth of wonderful quotes, some of which were incorporated into either the text or the sidebars of How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys And Law Schools Students.

But to keep the Guide to manageable length, many of those insights had to be edited out. In Outtakes!, Shauna has included not only the quotes that do appear in the Guide, but also all those missing quotes that don’t.

Be forewarned that some are vulgar, politically incorrect, or worse. But they are all the honest feelings of the lawyers who gave them voice.” ~ Excerpt from Outtakes!

Outtakes! is more than just quotes, however. The quotes are grouped by topic, and created for you a set of common themes or takeaways. You may want to read through each chapter—including the takeaways—and then go back and read the quotes again. You may be surprised at how clearly the themes show through and how applicable they are to your career decisions and job search.

These real quotes give you at least three different opportunities.

  1. You can learn from these experienced attorneys’ mistakes.
  2. You can see for yourself what attorneys and hiring professionals are saying (and thinking) about job candidates; in other words, what they are saying about you andyour competition.
  3. You can see that you’re not alone in this traumatic process.

Praise for the original Guide

“[A] well-researched, thorough career guide… a resource-rich, practical manual that will assist students in finding and landing legal employment. It should be required reading…” ~ NACE Journal
“[A] great tool for any lawyer or law student looking for a legal job… provides a comprehensive job search strategy… does not just generically talk about topics… but instead focuses in on how a lawyer or law student can pull together effective material and an effective strategy… “lessons” or “words of wisdom” that are practical pieces of advice that you do not see in most guides… these quotations and anecdotes are from real attorneys and hiring professionals.” ~ Law School Success Tips
“[P]ulls together, in one place, the full gamut of issues legal job seekers face… A few things set this book above other similar resources… the level of detail in research heightens the real-life application… Kudos to Shauna for actually picking the brains of the hiring partners, interviewers, recruiters, and colleagues you will be trying to get in front of and impress… As a practicing lawyer, and career coach who works with lawyers and professionals in various phases of their careers, I see this book as a “must read” for any legal job seeker…” ~ Happy Go Legal (Also named one of HGL’s Top 3 Suggested Resources)