As a current law school student, recent graduate, or a junior attorney, you know you’re facing the worst job market in years.

You don’t need an expert to tell you that.

Most of you are in your 20s. Many of you have never worked in a law firm, legal department, or other formal office setting. Maybe you’ve never even applied for such a job. Maybe you don’t even know how to look for such a job.

Get an edge: Advice straight from hiring attorneys and legal recruiters, the very people who will be reviewing your resume, interviewing you, and deciding whether to hire you (or not).

“[I]n addition to putting general industry best practices into context…, Bryce gives practical advice from practicing attorneys who have been on both sides of the interview table.” ~ Harvard Law Bulletin
“[A] well-researched, thorough career guide… a resource-rich, practical manual that will assist students in finding and landing legal employment. It should be required reading…” ~ NACE Journal

Navigate The Idiosyncratic Process Of Legal Hiring

“How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys And Law School Students” is a resource that explains the process of legal hiring, as well as the reasons behind it, so that you’re better equipped to face down the challenge of landing a legal job. With tons of “from the trenches” stories and advice, you will learn about:

  • The job search. Step-by-step explanations of what goes on inside BigLaw and other employers, setting your career goals, finding legal jobs through networking and other means, informational interviews, working with legal recruiters, researching employers, and more.
  • Resumes and other career documents. The principles behind and the execution of top notch legal resumes, cover letters, writing samples, reference dossiers, and job search correspondence.
  • Interviewing and professional presentation. Corporate culture and how to demonstrate you respect it and “fit in,” preparing for interviews, visiting employers and workplaces, answering difficult interview questions, interview etiquette, lunch interviews and business meals, and what happens after your interview.
  • Employment offers and planning for the future. How to graciously leave one employer to move to another, without burning bridges!

“How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide For New Attorneys And Law School Students” also contains selected samples of resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation, and other critical job search documents.

“[A] great tool for any lawyer or law student looking for a legal job… provides a comprehensive job search strategy… does not just generically talk about topics… but instead focuses in on how a lawyer or law student can pull together effective material and an effective strategy… “lessons” or “words of wisdom” that are practical pieces of advice that you do not see in most guides… these quotations and anecdotes are from real attorneys and hiring professionals.” ~ Law School Success Tips
“[P]ulls together, in one place, the full gamut of issues legal job seekers face… A few things set this book above other similar resources… the level of detail in research heightens the real-life application… Kudos to Shauna for actually picking the brains of the hiring partners, interviewers, recruiters, and colleagues you will be trying to get in front of and impress… As a practicing lawyer, and career coach who works with lawyers and professionals in various phases of their careers, I see this book as a “must read” for any legal job seeker…” ~ Happy Go Legal (Also named one of HGL’s Top 3 Suggested Resources)