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As a board member of the Harvard Club of Washington, DC, I invited Shauna to give a presentation on professional branding. Shauna and Jared [Redick]’s presentation was very well received and alums from across Harvard’s undergraduate and graduate schools found it to be valuable. With many early and mid-career Harvard graduates living in the DC metro area, I would be excited to ask Shauna and Jared to speak with our organization again and expose a new group of alums to effective career strategies.

Jeffrey Hines Tignor, Esq., Board Member of the Harvard Club of Washington, DC


[I]n addition to putting general industry best practices into context based on her personal experience in the legal field, Bryce gives practical advice from practicing attorneys who have been on both sides of the interview table.

Harvard Law Bulletin


“Eye on the C-Suite: A Crash Course for Your Future” was the finest program career development offered by the Harvard Club in the last fifteen years. Intimately familiar with the latest high tech approaches to launching an individual’s career, the presenters are charismatic, witty, and highly personable. Attuned to the demands of the modern workplace, Shauna C. Bryce and Jared Redick can successfully orchestrate and define the job search for even the most disorganized applicant. Although our presentation was geared to the entry- or mid-level candidate, even seasoned folks could profit from their advice. I am eager to offer our members another workshop with a similar theme.

Caren A. Pauley, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Harvard Club of Washington, DC


[How To Get A Legal Job®] is a splendid guide for those navigating the difficult waters of the legal market. The advice offered is very practical and highly useful. I recommend this book to anyone searching for a legal job.

Davison M. Douglas, Esq., Dean, William & Mary School of Law


How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students is a well-researched, thorough career guide that will meet the unique needs of both law school applicants and current law school students. Author Shauna Bryce has written an experience-based guide to shed light on the legal hiring process based on her own experiences as an attorney and on the interviews she conducted with 150+ hiring lawyers…

Pre-law advisors, law school advisors, and career practitioners will all find How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students a resource-rich, practical manual that will assist students in finding and landing legal employment. It should be required reading for every student about to apply to or enter law school, especially in light of the less than stellar job market encountered by new lawyers in recent years.

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Journal review excerpt by Marianne Green, University of Delaware


The Bench and the Bar

These are personal opinions and reviews from judges and attorneys, and are not intended to represent the views of their offices, employers, or clients.

Bassler_Head_ShotBryce has written a very informative and practical guide to finding a job as an attorney. She combines her knowledge as a legal resume writer and career counselor with real advice from hundreds of legal professionals. [How To Get A Legal Job®] is a must-read manual for every graduating law student and a go-to resource for those changing jobs.

The Hon. William G. Bassler, U.S.D.J. (Retired)


Erin WirthI work with attorneys who move every two to three years because they are military spouses. This book [How To Get A Legal Job®] is well suited to assist them with their legal job search no matter where their service sends them. Enjoyable to read, it provides practical advice and real world examples. Even our experienced attorneys find useful information and are more confident in their employment searches.

The Hon. Erin Masson Wirth, ALJ and Co-Founder, Military Spouse JD Network


Shauna C. Bryce has written a sharp, concise, and insightful book that provides a handy guide for any lawyer contemplating her or his next career move. With plenty of practical advice from practicing attorneys who have been on both sides of the interview table, “How to Get a Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students” is an excellent resource for lawyers in search of that “more perfect” job. I highly recommend this book for all lawyers at any stage of their career.

Glenn E. Davis, Esq., SVP & Deputy General Counsel, Radian Asset Assurance Inc.


A must read for all attorneys. The clear and concise explanations of Biglaw [within How To Get A Legal Job®] offer invaluable insight for those embarking on a legal career and the strategic guidance—often bestowed in the form of war stories from experienced attorneys “in the trenches”—is both entertaining and enlightening for all attorneys seeking to advance their legal careers.

Sharon Bauman, Esq., Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP


BrianWongEI7A9587[How To Get A Legal Job®] is an exhaustively researched and perfectly tailored manual on how to advance your career in the law, whether you are still in law school or seeking a mid-career change. Helpful hints from hiring attorneys throughout the book underscore the take-aways from each chapter, bringing the information home and promoting self-reflection. Up-to-date guidance on getting a law job in the age of cell phones, e-mail and social networking is woven in with the face-to-face etiquette that so many applicants in today’s market are sorely lacking.

Brian M. Wong, Esq., Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP


Marcus Lopez
Shauna is intelligent, creative and resourceful! She has years of legal and career building experience  and is an asset for anyone entering the legal market or getting ready to make a career change. How To Get A Legal Job® is an excellent resource filled with practical advice for those just entering the legal market or those considering a career move.

Marcus Lopez, Esq., Vice President & General Counsel, JBA Diversified Holdings, LLC


Head Shot, Dina 2014Shauna is a consummate professional, and her incredibly relevant background coupled with the genuine care and commitment she shows her clients really sets her apart from others in her field. We worked together when I was the Director of Professional Personnel at a major law firm where Shauna was an attorney, and I was very fortunate to have her on my hiring committee. I could always rely on her for thoughtful analysis and excellent judgment, and of course, her incredible people skills. The insight she gained as an “insider” to the hiring process gives her a truly unique perspective, and is of great benefit to her clients. In this very competitive attorney job market, it is imperative to find a way to stand out in the crowd. Shauna helps her clients do just that, by providing expert guidance and helping them craft professional, highly effective resumes and marketing materials. I would highly recommend her services to attorneys at all levels, from the newly-minted JD to the seasoned practitioner.

Dina F. Cappuccio, Esq., Principal, Advocate Legal


This comprehensive [How To Get A Legal Job®] Guide is a necessity for any attorney in the job market and all law students. Through her extensive and varied experience, Bryce expertly covers all aspects of the job search and hiring process while providing practical advice with real world examples. She manages to do so while injecting a keen sense of humor.

Marc Merriweather, Esq., Vice President-Legal, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation


Kudos to Shauna C. Bryce for her thoughtful and practical text [How To Get A Legal Job®] on seeking a legal job. I only wish that she had written it earlier, when I was entering the profession.

Henry Morris, Jr., Esq., Partner, Arent Fox LLP


unnamedShauna is a great strategist and masterful tactician on navigating career choices. Shauna’s book on how to get a legal job is a well thought out, practical guide with excellent suggestions. Her recommendations can and should be followed by attorneys at varying stages of their legal careers.

Stephen B. Stern, Esq., Partner, Hyatt & Weber, P.A.


An extremely useful and detailed book with information you won’t find elsewhere. I wish I had [How To Get A Legal Job®] when I began the interview process and I hope the attorneys I interview in the future read it!

Debi Neal Alexander, Esq.


Shauna is a brilliant writer. Her book, How to Get a Legal Job®, is a must read for people looking for work. It is incisive and thorough and is a critical book to be added to the library of a person who is job seeking.

Ty Hyderally, Esq.


I found the [How To Get A Legal Job®] book to be extremely readable, and much more practical and helpful than any other career guide I’ve seen or read. Most authors of career-related (and business-related) books tend to make broad generalizations that fit with their own personal philosophies. Ms. Bryce, however, provides information that not only rings true to me, but is based upon empirical research and on-the-ground expertise. In fact, it is abundantly clear from reading the book that Ms. Bryce is not tied to any dogma or personal philosophy and instead desires to provide a truly honest, report of the facts – from what a resume or cover letter should look like, to preparing for and conducting an interview, and even networking effectively to line up that next great job. This book also doesn’t shy away from the details. Too often career or job-hunting books gloss over the details, and those details are the very things we need to know – for example, whether and how to include personal references in the application process, acceptable fonts for a resume, whether an email, letter, or card is most appropriate as follow up to an interview, how to approach ones’ personal references, what not to wear on interview day, how to handle a lunch interview, and so on. Ms. Bryce addresses all these details and provides helpful guidance (and interesting anecdotes) for new and seasoned job seekers alike. Most importantly, this book is geared to the legal professional – based not only on Ms. Bryce’s experience as a lawyer but also as a hiring director in the legal field. I recommend this book as essential reading for any lawyer hoping to land that next great job, whether now or in the future.

Firoz Dattu, Esq., Managing Director, AdvanceLaw


Shauna C. Bryce’s [How To Get A Legal Job®] book on seeking employment is a fascinating must read for anyone looking for employment. She is a brilliant writer who draws in the reader and provides an easy to read informative and practical guide for anyone seeking employment as an attorney. Ms. Bryce provides wonderful insights that will assist job seekers everywhere. She has put together a must have resource for anyone changing jobs or graduating from law school.

Ty Hyderally, Esq., Owner, Hyderally & Associates, P.C.


Brooke Deratany GoldfarbAs a double large law firm survivor, former legal recruiter and executive coach, I find Ms. Bryce’s advice to be spot on. Practical for lawyers at any point of their career, the [How To Get A Legal Job®] Guide is an indispensable tool for the lawyer making both short and long term career decisions. Every newly minted lawyer should be presented with this how-to guide upon graduation from law school.

Brooke Goldfarb, President, Peaceful Beach Mediation & Collaboration, Inc.


This [How To Get A Legal Job®] book shows how to make your law background to work for you within the traditional legal world—and how to leap outside of it. Real world knowledge direct from the horse’s mouth provides job seekers the tools they need to direct their careers (instead of having their careers directed by somebody else).

Glynn Washington, Esq., Host/Executive Producer of NPR’s Snap Judgment


A GreaIanScottPhotot Book For Law Students or Lawyers Looking For A Job: How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students

In this tough economy recent law school graduates need a way to stand out and have to take advantage of every opportunity they can get. Moreover, the age where “mistakes” were overlooked by employers has disappeared and inadvertent errors, a minor faux pas or a poorly constructed job search strategy can cost you the job of your dreams. Even jobs with low compensation and benefits are competitive. Recently, a Boston law firm received 50 resumes for a job that paid $10,000 per year. (For those of you not familiar with Boston, the city has a cost of living similar to New York)

To make sure you are doing every thing you can to ensure your chances of success you should pick up Shauna C. Bryce’s book How To Get A Legal Job: A Guide for New Attorneys and Law School Students. I recently had the opportunity to review the book and it is a great tool for any lawyer or law student looking for a legal job.

How to Get A Legal Job® provides a comprehensive job search strategy and describes the processes and strategies starting right from the on campus law firm recruiting events in law school. The book also covers lateral transfers and recruiting strategies for jobs outside of a law firm. What struck me about the description of the on campus recruitment process in law schools was how much it mirrored my own experience. Ms. Bryce certainly has hit the nail on the head and has captured this experience perfectly. In terms of content, the guide covers a number of different areas including, establishing your career goals, how to find a legal job, benefits & things you should look out for when using a recruiter, how to research an employer, how to make an effective legal resume & cover letter, how to effectively interview and how to handle offers.

There are a number of reasons this guide stands out and why I highly recommend it. Here are a few of the reasons.

How to Get A Legal Job® Is Different From Other Generic Job Search Guides

I have seen many job search guides on the market but I have not come across many that focus specifically on the legal market. When I started law school I had worked for over 10 years in an investment bank and thought I was a job search expert. I was shocked to find out though that when it came to hiring the legal community did things differently. For example, when I went to see a career counselor at my school with my resume in hand thinking that it was already perfect, the counselor provided me with excellent suggestions that improved it and made my resume consistent with a legal resume. The resume did not resemble my old resume at all and I learned the important lesson of how important it is to understand the specific market & conform your materials and strategy to the way people expect to see things. A generic resume, cover letter or job search guide cannot do this. How to Get A Legal Job® does not just generically talk about topics like how to make an effective resume or cover letter but instead focuses in on how a lawyer or law student can pull together effective material and an effective strategy.

The Book Contains A Number of Practical Lessons and Words of Wisdom

In every chapter, How to Find A Legal Job contains separately highlighted “lessons” or “words of wisdom” that are practical pieces of advice that you do not see in most guides. The book labels these as “sidebars” and the key thing here is that these quotations and anecdotes are from real attorneys and hiring professionals. I found these sidebars particularly helpful and they are things that often job searchers only find out after they have missed many great opportunities.

The Book Is Written By Someone Who Knows What She is Talking About

The key to good writing and engaging your audience is to write about something you know. Ms. Bryce practiced law in a large top international law firm in New York, worked in a regional law firm, and also worked as in house counsel. During that time, she reviewed resumes, conducted interviews, worked on a firm’s hiring committee, and mentored junior and mid-level associates. She then brought her experience to job hunters becoming a professional legal resume writer and career advisor. Moreover, Ms. Bryce graduated from Harvard Law School and successfully navigated her way through the on campus recruitment process there. All of this experience shines through in her book and I really felt like I was reading the advice of an expert when I read it.

Ian E. Scott, Esq., Scott Legal Services, P.C. and founder of Law School Success Tips


This [How To Get A Legal Job®] guide pulls together, in one place, the full gamut of issues legal job seekers face while assessing their options, identifying jobs to apply to, pulling together their materials, going on an interview, and much more! A few things set this book above other similar resources I have seen on the market.

First off, it is clear that this career guide is tailored to JDs, but still broad enough to apply to lawyers looking to find a career applying their degree in many different ways – whether your goals are to land in BigLaw, private practice, non-profit, government, or other settings. The initial focus of really identifying a legal career that will meet your needs and priorities is such an important step, that often gets lost in the shuffle in both job searches, and other job search resources.

Second, the level of detail in research heightens the real-life application of the information provided – quotes from actual hiring partners carry more weight than uncited statistics. Kudos to Shauna for actually picking the brains of the hiring partners, interviewers, recruiters, and colleagues you will be trying to get in front of and impress.

Finally, Shauna’s ability to cover tough topics shows that she really understands what is going through the minds of job candidates and applicants – deciding whether to “fudge” a job title or experience on your resume, dealing with gaps in employment, determining whether your facial hair is professional, and deciding what to wear to an interview are all topics I have been asked by law students and lawyers.

She nails what is relevant, and pulls together great information for you to help make an educated decision about your questions. As a practicing lawyer, and career coach who works with lawyers and professionals in various phases of their careers, I see this book as a “must read” for any legal job seeker, regardless of when they graduated from law school.

Chelsea Callanan, Esq., Of Counsel, Opticliff Law and serial entrepreneur 


Executive Resume Writers, Career Coaches, and Other Career Professionals

JaredRedickShauna Bryce’s legal resume writing and career coaching work is uniquely informed in a world that is competent in its own right. Her perspective across legal hiring is broad and deep, and she doesn’t waste time stroking egos. Shauna goes straight to the heart of what will make a client successful.

For law students and recent graduates launching a career, her book and membership site offer a rarely-publicized glimpse into managing the first two years out of law school.

For mid-career and senior attorneys navigating the lesser-understood side of legal hiring and strategic career decisions, her insightful coaching is equally helpful.

Shauna is even a resource to her career industry colleagues. Last year, she helped me craft a career change strategy for a compliance attorney who was thinking about leaving law—all within ten minutes. I’ve since referred every prospective attorney client directly to Bryce Legal. 

As the legal world contracts and career competition tightens, it’s smart to have Shauna in your corner.

Jared Redick, Executive Résumé Writer, Career Transition Coach, Speaker, Trainer


Feldberg RobynComprehensive. Practical. Well researched. [How To Get A Legal Job®] will — no doubt — become the new job-search bible for people seeking a legal career, and I will recommend it without reservation. Well done, Shauna. This book needed to be written, and you are the absolute perfect person to have done that.

Articulate, intelligent, and strategic are the first three words that come to my mind when I think about Shauna. She is, after all, a Harvard-educated attorney, but she’s more than just that. She’s an elegant writer, a trustworthy adviser, a reliable task-master, and someone who is very easy to work with, and I know because we worked together for two full years. She knows her stuff, walks her talk, and whatever you ask her to do gets done brilliantly. And when it comes to writing legal resumes, I don’t know anyone who is more qualified than Shauna. That’s why it’s my pleasure to recommend her without hesitation.

Robyn Feldberg, Executive Resume Writer and LinkedIn Bio Writer


Charlotte small web picThe job search can be challenging for any recent graduate, but even more so for those in the legal profession. Because the industry’s “rules” differ from other fields, it can be hard to find career advice tailored toward the needs of attorneys. Shauna C. Bryce’s [How To Get A Legal Job®] book changes all of this, outlining everything a new attorney needs to know to get hired. This book cuts down the job search learning curve every new graduate goes through; for legal professionals wanting an offer sooner rather than later, it’s a MUST!

Charlotte Weeks, President, Weeks Career Services, Inc., Author of “I Want to Work in an Association – Now What???” and executive resume writer


marshall 10Shauna C. Bryce’s [How To Get A Legal Job®] book is one of the most thoughtful sources of information on both a job search and general career management that I have read. She starts with WHY for every section. Because of her clear descriptions of the principles behind each topic, the recommendations she makes become intuitive and easy to apply. She pulls the information together in a no-nonsense and practical way. I personally know Shauna as a resume writer and coaching colleague. She has taken general industry best practices and put them into a context based on her personal experience in the legal field. I recommend that people read this on a regular basis as a reminder on how to effectively manage their own career.

Irene Marshall, MBA, PhD, President, Tools for Transition


Milly TruongShe’s highly credentialed and an active member of many organizations, which shows her commitment to always staying in tune with modern hiring methods. If you need to kick off your career in the legal industry, Shauna is your mentor.

Milan Truong, CPRW, Executive & IT Resume Writer


Barb Poole
I participated in Shauna’s teleseminar on “Insider Tips for Writing Attorney Resumes.” She is niche expert, and I appreciated her insights from the attorney, hiring and career professional perspectives. She has a pulse on the realities of the economy and what those hiring in the legal field want. The presentation was loaded with practical tips, purred along smoothly, and packed a lot into an hour. Loved it! I have been able to apply much of what I learned to my own clients’ marketing communications — with much success.

Barb Poole, Award-Winning Career Coach, Writer & Strategist


Norine Dagliano - Professional Headshot - 3When it comes to writing resumes for someone in the legal profession, there is no one I can think of that matches Shauna’s level of expertise and skill. As a resume “generalist” I have designed career marketing documents for nearly every profession; however, I recently received a call from an attorney who was referred to me by a previous client. Wanting to provide him with the same quality service that I provided his referral source, I turned to Shauna for some insight and expert guidance on where I should target my discussions with the client and what strategies to use in developing his resume. I downloaded and listened to a teleseminar that Shauna previously taught for NRWA members. She presented her information in clear, easy to digest segments and provided excellent samples of resumes she had created that illustrated the points she was making. With her help, I felt more confident writing a resume for a profession somewhat new to me and gained his trust and confidence as a client. Shauna is not only an intelligent and talented professional, but she is more than willing to share her expertise to help others succeed – colleagues as well as clients!

Norine Dagliano, Job Search Specialist: Inspiring AH-HA! Moments


August CohenWhenever I receive a request from an attorney for a resume revision, there is only one expert I recommend, Shauna Bryce. In addition to her stellar background as a Harvard educated lawyer, she has insider intel on the hiring practices of law firms, giving her clients the competitive edge in their job search. I highly recommend her legal resume services.

August Cohen, Executive Resume Writer


Reviews, Feedback, and Thoughts from Clients

I’ve not had anyone speak truth to me in a long time. People are always trying to be my friend. I need someone to tell me the truth, and I’m glad I found you.

Client: General Counsel in entertainment / gaming / hospitality industries


Yesterday was my first day as [in-house counsel] of [Company]… Thank you for the wonderful resume! It absolutely helped. Thank you so much for everything. You certainly will be hearing from me again.

Client: Former General Counsel of $1 billion entertainment company


Thank you SO MUCH… I am just delighted…

Client: Vice President and General Counsel of $1.5 billion U.S. company with global sales


I accepted a position (Associate General Counsel – Employment) with [Company]. Earlier this summer we discussed my interest in companies that want to change the world. Well, they are doing just that!… Many many thanks for your assistance this summer. Your guidance and feedback are priceless!!!

Client: Employment lawyer in Fortune 100 company


Hi Shauna!

The offer negotiations took a long time… So far, things are going well and it seems like a very good culture. It’s very much a start-up, so things move very fast!

I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful work you did advising me and revising my resume. It really made all of the difference in the world. Before you worked your magic, there was almost no interest in me, but afterward, I started getting numerous inquiries. I had several recruiters say “I love your resume” in that it made their jobs so much easier in explaining my background. I have had Board members start their interview conversations with me by saying “You have a very impressive background.” So I am very grateful to you and have already recommended you to several in-house attorneys for advice as they consider future job opportunities.

As you can see, I am a big fan and so appreciate your help and support.

Client: Silicon Valley general counsel


I know I have said this but I want to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done. The CV is excellent and it is me! My first goal in working with you was establishing my brand thru a rigorous process – we’ve done that!!! Thank you very much. I’ve enjoyed our engagement and I appreciate your insights and coaching.

Client: General counsel and chief legal officer in banking and financial services


As someone who has recently found the need to update an old resume – working with Shauna to produce a modern fresh resume that will attract the eye of a recruiter or future clients was economical, expeditious and excellent! I highly recommend her services.

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Former General Counsel in restaurant and hospitality industry


I just got the call. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!

Client: Mid-level litigation associate at Global 100 law firm


I’ve looked at a lot of attorney resumes and they’re generally horrendous, confusing, and unpleasant to read. But yours is a very business-friendly resume, very on-spot for our target.

Client: In-house counsel in upscale dining and cuisine 


The resume just sings. I really like it. Looking at my resume now compared to my original one… they just don’t compare. And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have any edits to the cover letter. You’ve really outdone yourself.

Client: Lead counsel on global investigations and high-profile / high-impact litigation


Once again you have proven that you are the Rolls Royce of the industry.

Client: Confidential advisor to corporate board members and executives and law school classmate of President Barack Obama


You really did a great job and I’m very pleased. I would never have thought to put things the way you have.

Client: Former diplomat and retiring military officer transitioning to the private sector


I love [the resume] a lot. It’s a great marketing document. You packed a lot of information into the document, with the right emphasis and the right tone for a business savvy attorney. I’m really pleased.

Client: Vice president and general counsel at Fortune 50 tech subsidiary


Your sense of humor is refreshing, especially since looking for a job is so stressful. I really appreciate how easy it is to talk to you.

Client: General counsel transitioning to wine industry and coaching client


This [the resume writing process] is almost therapeutic. I’m a very private person and you have me opening up to talk about myself.

Client: Deputy General Counsel (DGC) of Global 100


I forgot how I found you, but I’m absolutely glad that I did. You were totally worth the money and investment.

Client: Chief Intellectual Property Counsel of Fortune 500


Hi Shauna!

I am so sorry that it took me so long to respond… So far, things are going well and it seems like a very good culture. It’s very much a start-up, so things move very fast!

I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful work you did advising me and revising my resume. It really made all of the difference in the world. Before you worked your magic, there was almost no interest in me, but afterward, I started getting numerous inquiries. I had several recruiters say “I love your resume” in that it made their jobs so much easier in explaining my background. I have had Board members start their interview conversations with me by saying “You have a very impressive background.” So I am very grateful to you and have already recommended you to several in-house attorneys for advice as they consider future job opportunities… As you can see, I am a big fan and so appreciate your help and support.

Client: Vice President and Chief Counsel in technology sector


I am so excited about the new job. It is going to be a huge undertaking but I am really excited. Thank you SOOOO much for all of your help and guidance in this process.

Client: Lead attorney at more than 250 trials


This looks amazing. So much better than what I had! [Update a month later...] The [retained] recruiter decided that they needed to broaden their search [for the general counsel position for upscale home furnishing designer] and since she liked my resume so much, I’m going in for a screening interview next Monday! It really was the resume that drew them in, so I just wanted you know that it made a complete difference.

Client: Equity partner and practice group leader of Am Law 100 law firm


Thank for your wise and wonderful counsel. I love what you did [to my resume]. I’m so happy I met you. Thank you for everything.

Client: Former casino and entertainment executive and general counsel


I don’t know how to thank you. You’ve done such tremendous work. If you need a client testimonial, you know who to call. You’ve been great.

Client: Law school classmate of President Barack Obama


Everything looks great on the resume and cover letter. They’re laid out very well. I’m very happy with it and have no edits. You listened really closely to our conversation!

Client: EVP and GC of owner-operator of hundreds of restaurants


I smiled at the LinkedIn summary. The resume is different from the blah blah CV I’m used to, and I like it. Nothing hit me negatively — that’s a compliment. And the tips you provided were very useful.

Client: Deputy General Counsel (DGC) of Global 100


The LinkedIn summary looks very good. We’ve set the right tone.

Client: Biotech / life sciences executive and general counsel


The resume is really clean and powerful in its brevity. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the resume. It’s so easy to read. I feel great about the cover letter. It’s beautiful, so targeted. I knew you would be great.

Client: Nonprofit director and social justice attorney 


The resume was perfect. I loved it. The cover letter was great. It was everything I hoped for when I came to you for help.

Client: Head of litigation and corporate generalist for one of the largest banks in the U.S.


I was wowed. The resume was organized and marketed me very well. And the cover letter is great.

Client: Former GC of Asian subsidiary of Forbes 100 world’s most valuable brand


My interview with [federal public defender] was yesterday. It went great. So great that they called me one hour later and offered me the job…

Client: Veteran public defender


I got the offer from [national think-tank]! Yikes – Now I have to decide about the move to [new city]. quickly… but I am pretty happy. I have a lot of thinking to do. Thank you SO much for all your help. I could not have done this without you. You made the process very easy and painless and exciting.

Client: Director-level litigator and policy expert


I love what you did [in the past] and I love working with you again. I’m stoked about it. I would never apply for a job without your help. I appreciate your feedback so much. Everybody knows when I want to make a career move I call you. When I saw the job opportunity at [my dream company], even my mom was like, “How long until you call Shauna?” But I’d already emailed you in the first 5 minutes. [Update three weeks later…] I just got the offer and accepted!!!! I absolutely could not have done this without you – thank you for everything 🙂

Client: Hedge fund attorney and long-term client


Wow. The resume is excellent.

Client: General practitioner and military spouse


You’re very perceptive and ask great questions. You have a very good phone presence, and I love your process, which really meshes with my personality.

Client: Senior counsel at a top ten financial holding company


The resume and cover letter blew my mind.

Client: Junior high volume litigator


[T]hank you for the resume and the advice – it is greatly appreciated. I love the resume and think it will do wonders in securing an interview and a new position.

Client: Junior commercial litigator and real estate attorney 


You were instrumental in me getting my first vendor job. I get contacted all the time by recruiters [because of the LinkedIn profile], and got mentioned in a [national newspaper] blog post.

Client: eDiscovery attorney and project manager


I loved the resume! I really like the formatting.

Client: Human rights lawyer 


I love both the resume and the cover letter. It’s like getting a Christmas gift early! It’s amazing and I was very impressed. I could never have done this myself.

Client: Corporate generalist for New York real estate holding company 


I’m really impressed with how you pulled a lot of information together and laid it out in a very comprehensive way. I’m really glad I found you.

Client: Vice president / senior counsel in international media company


I’ve been taking copious notes. This [Coaching Cram] has been extremely helpful. This is exactly what I needed.

Client: Labor and employment in-house counsel


I just accepted the offer today!

Client: Licensing attorney at $10 billion manufacturer


I had what I think should be my last interview with [e-discovery vendor] yesterday, and it went well. At this point I am pretty confident that they should be making me an offer soon (although you can obviously never be 100% certain of such things until they actually come to pass). Thanks again for all of your help!

Client: Data security attorney and e-discovery project manager


An outstanding job! The CV is perfect… Thank you for all your help. … The cover letter is great!… Again, great work! You’ve really come through.

Client: Former CIA / national security officer now lead counsel on discreet, international investigations


You hit the [resume] strategy right on the head. And that’s why you’re so good.

Client: CLO in banking and financial services


The LinkedIn tutorial was so in-depth and really helpful. It’s pretty cool!

Client: Corporate generalist for global software distributor


Shauna did a fabulous job of taking my job history and turning into a well presented resume that reflected my strengths and goals.

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Real estate transactions and disputes attorney


FYI, you may end up getting another client as a result of my asking others to review your draft. One of my former co-workers now with a private firm is wanting to jump start her job search, saying “Damn. I think it looks pretty amazing. I have no idea on how to improve it… I may need to engage in some re-branding myself… I would normally hesitate to spend money on it, but now that I see what they can do I am seriously considering it.”

Client: Senior judicial staff member transitioning to appellate law in law firm


Shauna has done a fantastic job on various job application items including my resume (which she has also updated periodically), editing essays and drafting and editing cover letters. She is a great writer and editor and has great insight into the legal market. I recommend her unconditionally.

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Land use, property rights, and environmental litigation lawyer


Shauna brings a high level of thought and thoroughness to the art of crafting an appropriate resume. She spends considerable time to understand fully a client’s work experience and the client’s anticipated audience. She developed for me a functional resume which highlighted my experience, skills and education in a highly effective fashion. Shauna also provided extremely helpful insight into the state of the job market and the strategies necessary for success. I would recommend Shauna highly even for those who are experienced in the job market since her analytical clarity, creativity and detailed knowledge of recruitment methods can help a job applicant re-focus his or her search productively.

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Labor and employer lawyer


The work you’ve done with me has been very successful, and I am happy to provide a reference in the unlikely event you would ever need one!… [Y]ou’ve provided excellent counsel… Thank you for your help, and I look forward to continuing to work together.

Client: Vice President and General Counsel in BigPharma


This is the best I have ever looked on paper and am really grateful to you. Thank you so much. The resume looks AWESOME!!!

Client: Tax, estate planning, and trusts and estates attorney


What can I say? This really looks great! … spot on… Once again, my thanks for very nice work!

Client: Senior financial services / banking lawyer and former FBI agent


Very personable, made me feel very confident…

Client: Aspiring criminal litigator


Shauna was very effective in creating a succinct resume for me. She helped employers understand that I was the best candidate by enhancing my attributes and experiences in an attractive, clear and organized manner. I highly recommend Shauna if you are looking for an articulate, creative, sophisticated resume expert. Thanks for your help Shauna!

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Corporate finance and economic development attorney in Fortune 100 company


Thank you very much for your help through this process. I enjoy working with you… So far just good initial feedback from the recruiter. She said thank you for the excellent effort on the questionnaire and that she’d be in touch for next steps. So thank YOU for the excellent effort! I’m very grateful for your insight, collaboration… and turnaround. Thank you very much… I’m [also] getting nibbles within [Company] now. Both [Company 2] and [Company 3] have reached out.

Client: Vice President and General Counsel in BigPharma


Shauna gave me great advice regarding my resume in my job search. I enjoyed working with her, and I found her knowledge about the legal industry to be an invaluable asset. I would hire her again.

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Regulatory law attorney


Shauna is truly one of a kind. From our first conversation to our latest follow up emails, she has been professional, insightful, and supportive. The work product which Shauna has produced for me exceeded any expectations I had and was produced in a prompt and well polished manner. Specifically, Shauna assisted me with resume improvements and interview preparation. She proved to be an absolute godsend each step of the way, helping me craft a resume and a personal interview statement which illustrated my strongest attributes and portrayed me in the most appropriate light for the jobs I was pursuing. On a personal note, Shauna was incredibly easily accessible and responded to emails almost instantly, no matter how trivial my question may have been. If you are an individual in need of any career coach or guidance or simply someone looking for advice in career progression, I recommend Shauna Bryce for the best results you could ever hope for.

LinkedIn® recommendation from Client: Banking and capital markets adviser in Fortune 100 company


I just wanted to write a quick note saying THANK YOU for helping me with my cover letter and resume… I just accepted an offer at [Am Law 100 law firm], as an Associate in their real estate section. Graduating from a Tier 4 school, I never thought this would be possible. I owe a huge part of it to you!

Client: Junior real estate associate


You always get it just right and produce great work. I’ve been bragging about you to everyone I know.

Client: Foreign-trained lawyer transitioning to multinational tax compliance


Very attentive and quick to respond… [You] took the time to thoroughly explain [your] proposed changes and ideas.

Client: White collar crime defense attorney transitioning to U.S. Attorney’s Office


I have a realistic base from which to embark on my job search. My resume is honest, and is not embellished.  That gives me solid confidence to market myself. The entire job search package is classy, smart, and so well put together that I feel confident that it will be noticed.

Client: Complex commercial litigation case manager



Client: Senior-level associate in complex commercial litigation group in BigLaw


Let me just say ‘WOW.’ My resume looks amazing – I would have never thought to structure it that way and I love it. Really, thanks so much – it looks great.

Client: Recent graduate seeking complex commercial litigation positions


The resume looks great and you were able to condense the body of work into two pages with great skill. I am very pleased.

Client: Deputy Attorney General seeking state policy positions


I would like to continue our engagement if you are available… I’ve had positive feedback on the resume which you helped develop with me, and am accelerating my plans for a career transition… I would appreciate your counsel…

Client: Vice President and General Counsel of domestic subsidiary of ~$60 billion multinational


Shauna, you are the real deal!!!! I love the cover letter and can’t wait for you to do another one… Thanks so much, you have truly exceeded my expectations.

Client: Section supervisor in Attorney General’s Office


Thanks so much, Shauna! The letter is great! And thanks for the advice.

Client: Recent graduate seeking commercial litigation positions in BigLaw


Thank you so much for your time and assistance. I am very pleased with the outcome and could not have asked for a more succinct and artful design… With my hectic transition, you have been a great help. You have got my future recommendations…

Client: Mid-level high volume civil litigator


First, thank you for your great advice today… I really appreciate it… You know I value your time… I am very grateful for your edits, tips and time…

Client: Vice President and General Counsel in biotech research and development


I started at [Global 100 law firm] yesterday and I still can’t believe it!… I truly don’t know that this would have happened without your guidance and support. You were amazing – encouraged me when I was down and always stayed positive. I honestly had no idea how to find a job and I certainly didn’t know how to move forward after I was let go. Thankfully Shauna came to my rescue!

Client: Litigator of complex commercial matters valued up to $800 million


Thanks so much! I will recommend your services to my friends.

Client: Founder of small, general civil practice law firm


I had a screening interview with HR from [Company] for an in-house position last week, hopefully should hear whether I move on in the process this week. I have an interview tomorrow with a firm…, and my application for a federal position has been “referred” for further review, which means that I’ve gotten past the first barrier for that position as well. Looks like working with you has been my good luck charm.

Client: Court clerk transitioning into civil litigation


You hit the nail on the head during our initial call when you mentioned the reflection that this process would engender.

Client: Vice President and General Counsel in pharmaceuticals industry


Just wanted to give you an update on how my interview went [with a major league sports team]… I think overall the interview went well… [I] received the following response back from the GC: “… you presented yourself extremely well, which I expected, but the feedback from my colleagues shared those sentiments…” Thanks so much for advice and prep! It really helped.

Client: In-house sports and entertainment lawyer


I knew how important it was to get my resume cleaned up. After talking to Shauna and sending her my resume, I felt like she had some really good ideas and seemed to have a good understanding of what I was looking for and what would help me the most.

Client: Aspiring BigLaw litigator


I just… wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your help and tell you how thrilled I am with my resume. Thank you so much… I will definitely recommend [you] to friends.

Client: Contract attorney transitioning to full-time commercial litigator role


Shauna went above and beyond with my resume. Between multiple lengthy phone calls getting to know me and discussing points on my resume, she was able to highlight my experience and accomplishments with an innovativeness that I never would have come up with on my own.

Client: Junior-level BigLaw attorney


Thank you so much for all your time and help…I have a feeling this will make a big difference for me in my job search….Anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to call me.

Client: Law professor


The opening statement was very attention grabbing. I never thought that a tool like that that I have used very successfully in my speaking engagements would also be useful for my resume.

Client: Aspiring criminal law attorney


I got an interview with (one of the world’s Top 10 law firms) today!!!

Client: Law student in Hong Kong applying to U.S.-based and U.K.-based firms with offices in Asia


Great attention to detail.

Client: High volume caseload trial attorney


Shauna, I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and brought my resume and cover letter to his office and he was VERY impressed and interviewed me on the spot! Thank you so much for your advice and for the wonderful cover letter and resume!

Client: eDiscovery attorney transitioning to commercial litigator role in boutique firm


I needed a resume that would capture 24 years of experience, and point toward going to the next level. My new resume does that… Very professional, encouraging, positive and empowering experience overall.

Client: Securities litigation case manager


The best investment that I’ve made in myself in years.

Client: Securities litigation and internal investigations case manager


I love it – thank you so much! Really fantastic job… I have already bragged about you to friends.

Client: Recent graduate seeking complex commercial litigation positions


Shauna – this is very, very good. I’m so happy and relieved I finally got a sound resume… Thank you very much. I will be referring people.

Client: Aspiring patent lawyer


Beautiful! Thank you, thank you.

Client: International tax lawyer


Hi Shauna, thank you for this, and thank you for everything. I am grateful for undergoing this process, and very much appreciate the results from having done so. Your services are the best investment I could have made in myself at this time.

Client: Securities litigation case manager


The turn around was very impressive… I was thrilled with both the level of service and the end result.

Client: Junior-level commercial litigation lawyer


Through both my discussions with Shauna and the final resume, I regained some confidence that I think I was missing in my job search. In other words, she and the product got me motivated again.

Client: eDiscovery attorney transitioning to commercial litigator role


Thank you again for your wonderful resume work. It looks great. I could never have done it myself.

Client: European lawyer entering the U.S. market


I just go notice of round 2 interview with [luxury car manufacturer]. I gave the answer you prepared for me, and the interviewer at [Company] reacted exactly the way you said he would.

Client: Interview coaching client


The resume and cover letter look fabulous. I’m quite pleased with them because they incorporate both my legal and business experience. The resume does a really good job highlighting what I’m doing and giving it a legal bent. I really like the cover letter. It really tells my story. And I liked that it incorporated feedback from my supervisors.

Client: Junior healthcare attorney


The resume is great. I really love the way you were able to tie-in all the different work I’ve done. It’s a huge improvement over my original resume, so I’m very happy.

Client: Real estate attorney and investor 


I really appreciate your help and the process, thinking about my career in a way that’s meaningful and useful. My feelings of angst and overwhelm are gone. I have a path forward. I really appreciate it and am very grateful I found you. At this stage of the game, it’s about building your brand. And you’ve given me the tools to do that.

Client: Lead counsel to billion-dollar business division


This is so helpful. I’ve really struggled with LinkedIn and I realize I’ve been doing myself a disservice because I haven’t been using all its capabilities.

Client: Junior healthcare attorney


I came to you because I do not want a Shamwow resume. [Laughter] Your [document] was good, straightforward, and easy to read. Which is what *I* look for as a senior hiring person.

Client: Life sciences / biotech executive


I like the resume format a lot, and that it focused on my experience as a lawyer. And the cover letter shows I’m well-rounded.

Client: Junior attorney 


You’ve given me some great context and solutions. I really appreciate it.

Client: Coaching client on notifying employer of pregnancy 


I have a new found respect for how important [LinkedIn] is. I read [your] whole book, and now I see how useful this can be going forward. I have a new appreciation for LinkedIn and what it can do for me.

Client: Lead counsel to billion-dollar business division


After I focused in on the coaching exercises, I got contacted to interview for [my new position] in a month.

Client: Executive-level state government lawyer


I really the resume. I certainly couldn’t have done it on my own. The resume communications a lot more. I’m really happy with both resume and all the advice you’ve given me. And I like that you provide the resume as a Word doc so I can easily edit the resume on my own.

Client: Mid-level corporate generalist and contracts attorney


I had an interview yesterday… The GC loved the resume and cover and they called me in for an interview the day they received them. I walked out of the interview really excited.

Client: Junior attorney


It’s interesting the way you incorporate all the different information. I like it!

Client: Patent attorney and former engineer 


I’m just letting you know that I have a new job — with [association], no less. I’m over-the-moon thrilled. I will be the Director of HR at [association]… It is as if this job has every one of the elements I identified as “critical” in the exercise you had me work on. Thanks so much for all your help. I really believe that our work together helped get my head in the right place — I was ready when this opportunity came along.

Client: Executive-level government lawyer and coaching client


I have a plan now.

Client: Junior attorney coaching client


Thank you for your effort, as I can see your craft at work. I finally have a resume that is not 6 bullet points of trying to find different ways to say “won summary judgment.”

Client: Former law enforcement officer turned in-counsel litigator and corporate investigator for financial services institutions  


I get calls from recruiters all the time because of the wonderful work you did [on my LinkedIn profile]. I love [my new job]. I feel supported and respected. And they’re paying me really well.

Client: eDiscovery attorney and project manager


Thank you so much for your email. It was some of the best advice I’ve had in years. The way you broke it down was great, and just what I needed. It was the best advice I’ve had in years.

Client: Second-career attorney breaking into the legal field


I can’t even express how pleased I am with the resume and cover letter. I realized I really didn’t know how to market myself. You did a fantastic job. I feel really validated. I thought, wow, I’m impressive. And my cover letter has personality.

Client: Partner-track intellectual property counsel and litigator


The LinkedIn profile is looking great. I understand the rationales now, and I like the flow and the approach. I was really impressed by it. It uses a master strategy that accomplishes a lot of goals. I had two recruiters look at my profile within 48 hours. And another two within a week.

Client: Senior IP associate


Your resume was amazing! I sent it to all my friends to ask their opinion and they all said it was amazing too. I would never have imagined to layout the resume this way.

Client: Entry-level compliance and risk management attorney 


You did some career coaching with me last year because I was looking to transition to private sector work, and lo and behold, the perfect job came along and I was ready for it. I’ve been at my new job as HR Director for about a year and every day’s still challenging and interesting.

Client: Government lawyer moving to private sector


I took your advice and built a relationship with a lawyer at [TV studio]. She’s now mentoring me and has talked about bringing me in-house.

Client: Junior litigator


I really like the structure of the resume and cover letter. They really captured a lot of my skill set and highlights my contributions. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Client: Senior counsel at $20 billion global tech company


Thank you so much for all your work in helping to create this amazing resume. You were a pleasure to talk to and work with.

Client: eDiscovery attorney transitioning to full-time employment in compliance 


I like the resume a lot. It conveys everything I need it to.

Client: Oil and gas attorney and registered landman


I wanted to let you know that I recently accepted a position with [business and financial news publisher] reporting to the SVP and Associate General Counsel… Although it’s probably viewed as a lateral position based on the organization structure, [Company] is a solid company and recognized brand. I will be the lead attorney supporting the global acquisition of products and services for business operations… I received a solid offer, and the position offers opportunities for advancement. I wholeheartedly believe that the resume presentation made me stand out and was key to me securing the interview.

Client: Senior corporate generalist at $20 billion multinational


I’ve had a lot of recruiters calling me after you did my LinkedIn profile. A recruiter from Robert Half and one from Orange Country.

Client: High value plaintiffs’ attorney


You did a fantastic job. The resume really shows career progression. It looks very good. And the tips were very helpful. I’m very thankful for your help. I could have never put together the resume that you did.

Client: Director of real estate at Fortune 100 company 


The day after I updated my profile, a recruiter messaged me on LinkedIn. They’re always contacting me now.

Client: Junior plaintiffs’ attorney


I’m already seeing a difference in the LinkedIn traffic. I’m getting a lot more visits. Lots of recruiters are looking and reaching out to me.

Client: Intellectual property counsel and litigator 


The resume is more focused on experience and draws away from my moving around all over the place. It’s more coherent, more like a story.

Client: Graduating law student with highly unusual and complex background


I like the flow and emphasis of the resume. And LinkedIn looks great. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Client: Lead mergers & acquisitions attorney for U.S. division of $80 billion multinational


The revisions for LinkedIn are really effective. Your tips were extremely helpful in building out a profile that takes the themes from my resume without just copying it.

Client: Law firm attorney transitioning in-house 


I’m quite impressed with your work. Thank you!

Client: Candidate for LLM in Tax


I feel really good about the resume. I would never have gotten there on my own. It’s everything I was looking for and gives me a really good base from which to apply for jobs.

Client: Corporate tax planning and executive director of state House Finance Committee


Thank you again for such wonderful work. I am impressed…  I have gained an audience with the head recruiter at [luxury car manufacturer].

Client: Law firm attorney transitioning in-house 


Both the resume and the cover letter are incredible. They look great.

Client: Real estate lawyer 


Things are looking up and there are a lot of options on the horizon. It’s going to be a difficult choice. I credit a lot of this to you and your assistance in branching me out from my narrow practice area so that other companies would consider me.

Client: Partner-track intellectual property counsel and litigator


I love the resume. It’s a much better representation of what I’ve done and very professional. My new resume is definitely being noticed and I’m getting good responses. I love it!

Client: Financial services and economic development attorney


I applied on Wednesday and [the law firm] responded Thursday with appointment times. I interviewed on Monday with the founding partner, who said the resume was one of the best he’d seen.

Client: Real estate lawyer 


I have been approached by a legal search firm as well as a [TV] studio.

Client: Entry-level entertainment law attorney


The resume is really impressive and makes me look like a strong candidate.

Client: Partnership-track patent litigator


I’m real pleased with [the resume]. It’s comprehensive. I really like the layout and the way it progresses. It’s easy to read.

Client: Private investigator turned attorney


I was kind of blown away by your work. It’s so much better than anything I could do. I’m now so embarrassed about [the original version of the resume] I sent you!

Client: LLM candidate, and tax and accounting consultant


The resume looks really great! Thank you for putting so much time and effort into it, as it’s much appreciated… Thanks for the edits. The resume looks great and I’ll definitely keep you updated on my job search! It was a pleasure working with you.

Client: Software and technology in-house counsel


I’m very pleased with the product. You did a really great job of capturing who I am and what I do.

Client: City attorney moving to the private sector


I always appreciate your input about navigating my unique career path and learning how to market myself.

Client: Class action litigator


The resume doesn’t pigeonhole me into an investment funds regulatory attorney role, and I liked the business development bullet.

Client: Private investment funds counsel


I love the resume! It’s wonderful.

Client: Sports and fitness business development attorney


The more I sat wit the resume and worked with it, the more I liked it.  I feel that you have captured my essence and presented my accomplishments in a way that gives me confidence to move forward. Thank you! And oh my gosh, I was impressed with the cover letter. It does what a cover letter needs to do. I’ve already contact all my references and sent them my new resume. It has been a real pleasure working with you!

Client: In-house counsel with over 30 years of modernizing traditional businesses


The resume was very good. A big improvement over anything I could do. This captures everything. I was pleased with the substance and positioning for DGC roles. I was very happy with how you handled the embedded counsel role. I’ve always struggled with how to make sense of that on my resume.

Client: Senior labor and employment attorney repositioning as corporate generalist in preparation for eventual GC role


I really like the resume. It’s easy to read, and I like the formatting.

Client: Senior in-house counsel in heavy manufacturing


The resume look great. I wouldn’t have done that way. I like the presentation, and it focused on the key stuff.

Client: Junior commercial litigator


I’m very happy with the resume, and the layout is interesting. I’ve already been sending it out.

Client: Senior in-house employment law litigator 


I really like the design of the resume, what you did graphically and translating poetical speech into something that’s law firm relevant. I really like the language and imagery of the cover letter. And [the letter of recommendation for signature by U.S. Presidential candidate] is great. It really captures the different points.

Client: Policy consultant / aide for President Bill Clinton, U.S. presidential candidate, Senators, and Members of Congress, transitioning to law firm


You did a fantastic job.

Client: Plaintiffs’ healthcare benefits attorney


The resume looks much better. It conveys a lot more, exactly what we’re trying to convey. It blends really well and shows my career progression.

Client: Accomplished Indian litigator entering the U.S. market


This [resume cram] was awesome! Thank you! I have several pages of notes.

Client: Senior-level family law attorney changing practice areas


I really like the resume. It’s pretty f*cking good.

Client: Plaintiffs’ class action attorney


One thing I’m glad I did was find an expert. This has been so helpful. Than you very much!

Client: VP and corporate generalist for North American division of company operating in over 80 countries


The resume is well worth what I paid for it. I love the education section; it’s perfect. And I really liked the cohesion and narrative in the early career.

Client: Second career lawyer launching career as a litigator


I thought the resume was great. I really like the promotion history idea.

Client: In-house employment lawyer re-entring the workforce


The resume looked great. I love our engagement. You did a great job. I liked the strategy and the challenge [of putting the resume together]. You’re a really good writer.

Client: AGC at $6 billion manufacturer


It’s great to have companies recognize I have a lot of value based on the resume.

Client: Employment lawyer interviewing with three Fortune 500 companies


You did an excellent job on the resume. The way you set it up was great and I love the writing and branding. It’s very true to me. I’ve been testing out my elevator pitch. I love it. Your legal background is clear and you clearly know what you’re doing. I love the way you write.

Client: General Counsel and CLO in banking and financial services


I didn’t get a response when I applied to [global car manufacturer] using my original resume. But I re-applied with your resume and one week later was called for an interview.

Client: Senior labor and employment counsel at Fortune 500 company


I got feedback from another lawyer and former chief compliance officer now in the advisory group of [a management consulting firm] and she thought it was fantastic.

Client: Senior corporate governance attorney and advisor to board of directors


[The resume cram] was great! Thank you. I may want to come back for another resume review after I revise the resume.

Client: Chief technology counsel for multinational financial services institution


Hi Shauna!!! I LOVE my resume! And cover letter! I’m obsessed. I am actually even hesitant to show it to anyone for fear that they will steal it!

Client: Senior associate at Global 100 / Am Law 100 law firm


Shauna, for years I have raved about the resume you did for me. Recently I posted on Facebook about the importance of having a professional do your resume. Several people have contacted me asking for your information…

Client: Second-career, multi-degreed healthcare compliance attorney


The resume performed really well. It was a strong representation of my work that led to an easy conversation in the interview. Very well written.

Client: Former Google attorney


Thank you so much for your advice. You raise several points and came up with solutions I hadn’t thought of. I really value that.

Client: Contracts and compliance lawyer transitioning from JD-advantage role to corporate legal department


The [career portfolio] documents were amazing. The way you gathered all the information… the way you used the information in the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization was bar none. It’s fantastic. I’m very happy. I really didn’t understand why you were asking me all the questions you did in the interview, but now that I see how it’s used in the documents, it’s amazing. Thank you so much for everything. It was well worth the price.

Client: Recent law school graduate


The Resume Cram was very helpful. I worked on the changes you suggested and I like it a lot better. I could see what you meant about building in a narrative that makes sense. It’s really helped write my cover letter as well.

Client: Former insurance industry senior-level AGC 


The Coaching Cram has been so helpful. I understand concepts like networking, but I never knew how to actually go out and do it in real life — especially my real life.

Client: Conflicts attorney


Can you just come to the interview with me and whisper the answers in my ear? The way you phrase things is spot on. You word things perfectly.

Client: Recent law school graduate


I really appreciate your advice. This gives me a perspective and a strategy. You’re very good at your job! I really appreciate it.

Client: Mid-level healthcare associate


I really like the resume. It was exactly what I needed.

Client: Senior litigator transitioning to in-house corporate generalist


It’s easy to understand why you have a wait list. It’s because you know your sh*t and you do a good job.

Client: COO – Business Development and CLO of start-up


This [Resume Cram] has made me view the resume in a different way and think about what employers are looking for. This has been really helpful.

Client: IP Counsel at major animation studio


You’re obviously very bright, and you have great insight into things. You’re a very smart person and you’re very humble, but every time I talk to you I learn a lot. I value your perspective.

Client: Law firm partner


I really like what you did with the cover letter. And I liked how you addressed the [corporate bankruptcy and restructuring] problem at [my current employer].

Client: Litigation and risk management AGC at global company


This [coaching] was very helpful. I needed someone objective looking at these problems through a different prism.

Client: Law firm partner


I feel really good about [the career portfolio]. I like how you worded things a lot better than I could. I would never have thought to put in the multicultural and global experience section, or to talk about my cultural fluencies. And you pointed out great things about how to talk about myself and my experience in a job interview. Talking to you is so uplifting! You’re like a mental health counselor.

Client: Assistant District Attorney


This [Resume Cram] has been so helpful, I can’t even explain. It’s so helpful to have a professional look at my resume. I wouldn’t even know what information to include. It’s good to get outside feedback on how to take control of my message. I’m just too close to the issues.

Client: Tax Attorney


You’ve told me great things about how to improve my resume. This [Resume Cram] has been so worth my while. It’s been a lot of help, and I appreciate it.

Client: Chief of Staff of state agency


I took 10 pages of notes in 30 minutes [during the Resume Cram].

Client: Business litigator with 25 years experience


The Resume Cram has been very helpful. You’ve given me some homework and things to think about.

Client: In-house hospitality attorney


I love your business model and what you’ve accomplished. I wish I’d found you before. [Your advice] has been great. It’s completely on-point.

Client: Senior HR compliance and employment law attorney


Your advice totally makes sense. You’ve explained and solved exactly the conundrum I faced. Getting the feedback of someone with your experience is great. What you’ve said is incredibly helpful. I’m very energized to get to work on my resume [after the Resume Cram].

Client: SVP and general counsel


I love your coaching and advice.

Client: AAA Commercial Mediator and Arbitrator


The resume [after the Resume Cram] is dramatically better.

Client: Sole practitioner


I’m so excited! Working on my resume has been such an onerous struggle. The [Resume Cram] process has been so helpful; I can’t even explain how much. The first 10 minutes alone was worth the price of the hour.

Client: Outside general counsel and commercial litigator


This [career coaching] has been really helpful — thinking things through with someone who really knows what she’s doing. Some of this confirmed my own thoughts, which is good. But other ideas were things I hadn’t even considered.

Client: Senior associate considering leap to solo practice


You come up with so many straightforward ideas and tactics that I would never have thought of.

Client: Fortune 50 employment lawyer


Having fresh eyes [on my resume during the Resume Cram], working through language, and editing the language is just invaluable.

Client: Employment lawyer for financial services industry


I’m really happy with the CV. You did exactly what I needed and hoped for. I feel lucky and grateful that I found you.

Client: Executive-level state government attorney applying to state judiciary


You’ve covered everything [in coaching] I had questions about. I now have a plan of attack, which I didn’t have before.

Client: Recent law school graduate exploring potential legal careers


This is [Resume Cram] is really helpful: thinking things through with someone who really know what’s she doing. Some of this confirmed my own thoughts, which is good. But other ideas were things I hadn’t even considered.

Client: BigLaw commercial litigator


I love them [the resume and cover letter]. You just word and format things in a way I would never have thought of. I just love them, especially how you handled my solo law firm and period out of work.

Client: Sports and entertainment attorney


This [Resume Cram with Live Edit] was such a blessing. Thank you for doing what you do.

Client: IP litigator


You’re asking the right questions, and really opening my thinking. This [Coaching Cram] has been so helpful, and I’ve taken copious notes. I’ve got a lot of homework and exploration to do.

Client: High profile litigator


You’ve given me a lot to work on. I was hopeful I would be able to really improve the resume with your feedback, and it looks like I’ll be able to!

Client: Elder law attorney


I thought the CV was a great document. I really liked it, and now I understand the difference between a resume and a CV. The more I read it, the more I realized how well it reflects my career. When I came to you, I wanted something that made me less a “senior manager” and more executive suite. The document does that. This really does that. And, like I said, the document was well received by executive recruiters. I’m very pleased with the work, and I really enjoyed worked with you. Now that I look at the resumes I’ve had professionally written in the past, I’m dissatisfied with them.

Client: Deputy General Counsel of American division of Global 50


I’ve been called by the headhunter of [Global 500 financial services company] looking for a deputy general counsel. They had very positive feedback on the CV and are keeping me in mind for global roles.

Client: Former Acting Superintendent of a New York state regulatory agency


Shauna, you’re amazing. You’re the best. This is great. I’m feeling really good about the resume.

Client: SVP and General Counsel of financial media company


I struggle with this [resume writing]. You’ve given me a lot to work on and think about moving forward.

Client: EVP and General Counsel of big data and market research company


This [Resume Cram] was such as blessing. Thank you for doing what you do.

Client: BigLaw Patent litigator moving in-house


I can’t even express how helpful this [Resume Cram] has been. I needed this badly, and I’ll definitely be back and also recommend you to friends.

Client: Senior in-house counsel positioning for first General Counsel role


[Since the Resume Cram] I’m getting a lot more responses back. My wife says the before and after is like night and day. It’s changed the way I think about [my work] and talk about it. That changed landed me my first client. The work has helped on so many levels.

Client: Tax attorney


I’d like to keep you as my guidance counselor.

Client: Lead counsel in more than $1.2 billion in corporate transactions across 30 countries


[The cv] is very good. It captures all my big picture items. I’m very happy. You did a good job with difficult challenges.

Client: State tax commissioner


Thank you very much for your help and expertise. I feel much more prepared having the honed edge of your experience to shape these resumes!

Client: Recent law school graduate pursuing two possible career tracks


This [Resume Cram with Live Edit] was very helpful. It’s been so long since I’ve had to put a resume together. I’ve been using the same format since college, just sort of cobbling things together. It’s been really good to get a fresh take.

Client: Second career lawyer leveraging network design background


This [initial conversation] has been super helpful. I would love to utilize you further. I very much appreciate you. I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time and I’m so glad I found you.

Client: Former general counsel of regional healthcare system


Hi Shauna, I just wanted to let you know that I got hired as in house counsel for
[$4 billion retailer], so I am going back in house and I start tomorrow… I
wanted to say thank you for all your help.

Client: Law school professor returning to private sector


[M]any thanks for all your wise counsel and support.

Client: Executive-level global compliance and investigations attorney


Sometimes you just need someone who tells it to you straight. This has been a mental shift for me and I appreciate it.

Client: Inspector General in state agency


I’m so glad I made this phone call. This was worth every penny. This has been eye-opening and a kick in the pants.

Client: Attorney with political aspirations


I could never have done this myself.

Client: Insurance defense litigator


I feel really good about the [resume] honing in on specifics and getting rid of any irrelevant information. The cross-examination you put me under was good, and the resume is now much stronger.

Client: Brief writer


OMG [the resume’s] wonderful. It’s amazing how much better this looks. Thank you very much.

Client: Junior litigator


This [resume review / critique] has been very, very helpful and makes a lot of sense. This has been wonderful. Exactly what I needed.

Client: Outside general counsel looking to move in-house


This [resume review / critique] has been extremely helpful.

Client: Senior Am Law 100 intellectual property litigator


You’re absolutely correct in how you’re reading my resume in this [resume review / critique]

Client: Senior-level generalist transitioning to in-house role


This [Resume Cram with Live Edit] has been super helpful.

Client: General Counsel and Executive Vice President in the health food industry


These are absolutely do-able [coaching] solutions for building a book of business. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me.

Client: Energy sector General Counsel transitioning to law firm


This [coaching cram] has been great. I have several pages of notes so far. You’ve been really helpful. Thank you so much.

Client: Law firm partner leveraging JD/MBA to transition to business and consulting roles


You are miraculous. You have such great depth. I am so thankful to you and that I found my way to you. This has been amazingly helpful.

Client: Nationally recognized human rights and Constitutional rights attorney


I feel really good about the resume. It makes so much more sense than what I was doing before!

Client: Second-career attorney using JD/MBA to launch legal career


You’ve given me a different way of thinking about myself and my resume.

Client: U.K. attorney in the Middle East exploring transitions to the U.S.


This [coaching session] was excellent. I hadn’t thought about a lot of your suggestions, including how to use LinkedIn as a research and networking tool. I never used it before, but now I understand how I can use it as a tool for meeting people.

Client: County Commissioner of Investigations looking to move to the private sector


I’m feeling really good [about the CV]. I would have never thought to do this myself, but I like the format and it positions me well. And I’ve had friends in HR look at it…. My experience with you has been extremely helpful. Being able to talk things throughs, and really dig down deep to consider things I haven’t thought about. It was a really good exercise. This whole process has been educational and exciting. When I look at my original [CV] side by side with yours, mine looks like it was done by a third grader. Yours looks like a master’s thesis. This resume opens me up to so many other opportunities. I wish I had met you and gone through this process years ago. I keep wondering how many opportunities I’ve missed out on over the years.

Client: Executive-level attorney in the state House of Representatives transitioning to in-house counsel.


This [Resume Cram with Live Edit] is fabulous. This is so valuable. This is helping me articulate things for a job interview.

Client: Senior litigator applying to be United States Magistrate Judge


I really liked the executive summary [of the CV]. This is awesome and I’m really excited.

Client: Executive-level corporate lawyer in tech sector


I love everything you’re saying. This is so helpful for preparation for interviews and for getting me thinking about my career in a different way. I trust you implicitly… This has been an incredible help… I think the CV is great. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I love the profile and career highlights. They add a lot of value to the document. I’m very happy with it.

Client: Executive-level state government attorney applying to state judiciary


Greatly appreciate you making this [law firm website copy] a priority. It is a delight working with you.

Client: Nationally recognized criminal defense attorney


It was truly an amazing feat to listen to someone write an article off the top of their head in less than 5 minutes in the middle of a career counseling session… Wow.

Client: Internationally recognized human rights attorney discussing writing an article that would reposition the lawyer for different career opportunities


This [lawyer career coaching] is super-helpful.

Client: Sole practitioner moving in-house


Thanks again Shauna for all your help! You are amazing! I love working with you.

Client: Nationally recognized criminal defense attorney


Oh, this [Resume Cram with Live Edit] has been very helpful. Thank you so much!

Client: Law firm partner moving in-house


I am extremely happy to report that I have accepted an offer at [Company] in Mountain View CA to be their new VP and Chief Counsel… I really couldn’t be happier!… I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your support and I am sure we will talk live sometime soon!

Client: General Counsel in technology sector


Thanks Shauna — very productive session today.

Client: Law Firm Transition / Outplacement lawyer in BigLaw


I want to introduce [senior in-house counsel] to you. I worked with [him] at [employer] and shared with him how you were able to assist me with updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. I’m very grateful for all you were able to do — you were a tremendous partner. In any event, [he] is looking to update his resume and LinkedIn profile, and I immediately thought of you. [He] is a great guy with tremendous talent, and I’m certain you can help him take this next step in his career!

Client: General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


Thanks Shauna, you gave me a lot of food for thought.

Client: Senior in-house corporate transactions and corporate finance attorney


It has been great working with you. I appreciate your expertise and knowledge and I feel like I’m in a much better place.

Client: Law Firm Transition / Outplacement white collar crime litigator in BigLaw


I had a mock interview today. I felt the questions were a better reflection of this revised document [resume], more positive about my experience, and I felt better prepared. It helped [in preparing for the interview] thinking about what I got out of my internships, what I learned. I was able to work that into the interview. I was able to extrapolate transferrable skills — taking skills I’d learned from my hobbies and applying them to law. The interviewer loved it. It was a feel good moment.

Client: 2L interested in patent law


That’s [the resume language’s] awesome. Exactly what I was trying to find a way to say. I already feel like I have so much more to talk about in interviews, and I’m so much better prepared than I was before we first talked.

Client: 2L preparing for on-campus interviews (OCIs)


The [updated] resume looks good. It’s crisp and it pops. It was exactly what I needed. And the original one you did really worked, so I’m a believer.

Client: Senior counsel in financial services and fintech


I didn’t make any edits [to the resume and cover letter] because I like what you wrote. It’s fantastic. You did a great job.

Client: Former military officer now at Fortune 100


This [career development coaching] has been very helpful. Thank you so much. You addressed all my questions and concerns.

Client: Employment lawyer positioning for the future


Thank you! Thanks for your great advice. I enjoyed speaking with you.

Client: General counsel in an internationally recognized institution for the arts


You’re always so astute, Shauna. You ask great questions.

Client: Senior attorney exploring downshifting.


Shauna, you’re like my fairy godmother. You’ve been extremely helpful at every step of this process. I have been learning that there’s a lot more thought involved in building a resume than I anticipated. But going through the process is good interview prep as well. There’s so much conflicting advice on the internet and it’s been hard to find credible information and advice — at least until I found you.

Client: Outside general counsel moving in-house.


I’m very impressed with [the resume]. It’s fascinating how you have just the right word choice and formatting… Thank you so much for doing this. I already feel like this will have a positive impact on my job hunting.

Client: Career prosecutor transitioning to internal investigations and compliance.


The resume is completely different and it tells a story. It’s so much better. You have me thinking completely differently. I’m so glad I did this [Resume Cram with Live Edit].

Client: Corporate transactions lawyer for oil and gas sector positioning for executive roles.


[The resume] reads at a much higher level.

Client: Senior corporate attorney transitioning to executive roles.