An attorney-founded boutique dedicated to outstanding career services in just one field — law.

Job changing and career development can seem overwhelming. Especially in a difficult economy. There’s so much to think about.

  • Do you have an action plan to move your job search and your career forward?
  • Will your cover letter, resume, LinkedIn® and social media profiles, and other career documents get noticed?
  • How can you harmonize your short-term goal of getting a job with your long-term goal of building your career?

How does Shauna make this challenging time easier for you?

Understanding what you’re going through.

Many of Shauna’s clients are looking for a new legal job for the first time in years, some for the first time ever. Shauna understands your challenges, frustrations, and fears. Whether you are moving up, employed, downsized, graduating, or just looking for a change, let Bryce Legal Career Counsel help you understand the value you bring to employers, and to position yourself to find a better fit in less time.

Knowledge of hiring processes and trends in the legal market.

Bryce Legal® was founded by Shauna C. Bryce, an attorney with experience in legal hiring as a member of a law firm hiring committee and as a resume writer and career adviser. Shauna is one of the nation’s leading experts on career strategies and solutions for attorneys and law school students.

In-depth client interviews.

You will not receive lengthy forms to fill out to recite your job responsibilities.

Instead, Shauna conducts one-on-one client interviews designed to identify and highlight the experience, skills, and accomplishments that employers have told Shauna they’re looking for in job candidates. It’s a collaborative process that creates a resume appealing to employers, but also helps prepare you for tough job interview questions, as well as builds a platform for you to grow and advance in your career.

Custom-crafted and targeted career documents.

Shauna does not revise your existing resume.

Instead, she recognizes that every client is different. A resume that’s perfect for a veteran products liability litigator in a large Los Angeles firm will not work well for a recent graduate with an LLM in Tax pursuing a career in trusts and estates in a small firm in Atlanta. So your resume, cover letters, and other auxiliary documents for your career portfolio are created and targeted to your career goals.

One-on-one consulting on what matters to you.

Shauna’s clients learn not just how to recognize and seize opportunities, but also to create them.

She works with clients to develop action plans enabling them to take charge of their situations; prepare to make career, practice area, and geographical changes; get ready for interviews; address weak spots in their resume or other areas of concern; build and use networks for short-term goals (like immediate job placement) and long-term goals (like an eventual client-base, establishing oneself as a thought leader, and career opportunities); and more.

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