Shauna can’t be everywhere at once! (Although she tries.)

So she has a handpicked group of experts on legal resumes and career portfolios, business development, job search, interviewing, and more who have been personally vetted. Do keep in mind that she encourages diversity of opinion; so do your due diligence to ensure the coach or writer you choose is a good fit for your individual needs.

These resume writers and career coaches aren’t subcontractors; they’re independent experts, and while Shauna will check in with you about your progress, you’ll work directly with your referral partner.

Just fill out this referral form so Shauna can introduce you to a professional who can help. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Not in law? Not a problem.

Now and again, non-lawyers stumble on Bryce Legal looking for career help. If that describes you, then not a problem. Shauna has connections with career coaches and resume writers across the country (and internationally), and in just about every industry. So whether you’re a CTO, a pharmacist, or a teacher, submit the referral request and she’ll try to match you an expert.

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