Solution Concept

Some career portfolio documents are eligible for efficiency pricing.* If you’re a new attorney or law student, then click here to see complete career portfolio offerings just for you.

* Sometimes when other career documents are purchased at the same time as the resume, Shauna can structure the combined project more efficiently than if they’re purchased and developed as separate projects. Shauna passes the resulting savings to you in the form of efficiency pricing.

Resume Addenda for Dealmakers, Litigators, Industry-Leaders, and Thought-Leaders

Resumes are summaries that focus on your value-add, technical qualifications, and “soft” skills. If you have extensive leadership, board memberships, publications, presentations, task force work, public-private partnerships, corporate initiatives, special projects, honors and awards, etc., then addenda may be the best vehicles to highlight that leadership.

Deal sheets or representative matters addenda can also showcase the value and experience of veteran transactional attorneys or litigators. Your master resume addenda will be formatted to match the design of your master resume.

  • Available for resume clients only.
  • Resume Addenda pricing generally ranges from $295 to $895 per addendum.
  • Pricing is also available for clients who wish to write their own addenda, but then have them formatted to match their other career portfolio documents.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter is a critical part of your legal job search. Your cover letter should say more than “enclosed is my resume.” It’s an opportunity to show motivation, leadership style, client impact, a compelling personal story, and more.

Use it not only to introduce yourself and present your resume, but as an opportunity to show your personality and knowledge of prospective employers. A cover letter is also a chance to present your strengths and affirmatively address perceived weaknesses.

  • Available for resume clients only.
  • Cover Letters generally range from $325 to $495. Range includes efficiency pricing when purchased at the same time as your resume.

Letters of Recommendation

Signers don’t always know what to include in a great letter of recommendation and aren’t always available (or able) to write a thoughtful and thorough letter. To ensure your letter is a great one, we can write it together so that you’ll have an outstanding and on-point letter to present for approval and signature.

Leadership Biographies, Attorney Website Profiles, and Executive Summary Resumes

Sometimes, your story and philosophy are as important as your technical qualifications. Want to connect with an audience as a speaker or thought-leader? Need compelling marketing copy for your website to connect with potential clients? Don’t feel comfortable circulating a resume as part of your stealth job search?

A leadership biography, website profile, or executive summary resume are one-page documents that can help shape you as a thinker and a doer, show off your philosophy and style, and demonstrate to potential clients (or employers) why they should hire you.

  • Available for resume and non-resume clients. Also available for volume purchase by law firms and other organizations.
  • These documents, one-page formatted to match your career portfolio or website, are generally $295 to $795 each. Range includes efficiency pricing when purchased at the same time as your resume.
  • Pricing may be higher for non-resume clients.

Reference Dossier

Your reference sheet can be so much more than just a list of names. And prospective employers should not be on a wild goose chase trying to track down your references. Your reference page contains contact information for your 3 to 5 references, along with a synopsis of your relationship with them and the wonderful things they can be expected to say about you.

ASCII/Text Conversion

Conversion entails substantive and formatting changes to help automated tracking systems (ATS) — used by online forms, job boards, recruiters, and HR departments — to read and interpret your resume correctly, thereby increasing your chances of matching a job description. Your cover letter and resume addenda can also be converted and added into your ASCII/Text resume for inclusion in online applications. 

  • ASCII/Text conversation generally ranges from $45 to $125 per document.

Creating or Editing Other Documents

  • Priced individually for your needs.