Finally! An option between working completely on your own, and hiring a professional resume writer.


Shauna at Harvard Law School speaking to alumni about career development at their 20th reunion.

Some reports say you have 30 seconds to win over a recruiter.

Legal recruiters, general counsel, and others in the legal industry say it’s more like five seconds.

Over the years, Shauna’s had many attorneys ask for a “no nonsense, everything on the table” opinion of their existing resumes to find out if their resumes pass the Five Second Test. Some already know their resumes don’t. They want to know is why and what they can do better.

These lawyers are asking for more than a resume writer’s blunt criticism of what they’re doing wrong. What they’re not looking for is a lengthy resume writing process or a canned sales pitch masquerading as a resume review.

They want a personalized, substantive experience. They want sophisticated, practical, and actionable strategies on how to tell their complex stories to law firms, corporate legal departments, recruiting firms, and others in today’s legal hiring market. They want those strategies fast.

Beyond getting a hiring expert’s opinion of their existing resumes, many lawyers have successfully used the Resume Cram process to get expert resume writing and professional branding especially those who are in a hurry, budget sensitive, or have a relatively straight-forward career narrative to tell. Here’s an idea of some of the attorneys who have benefited from the Resume Cram experience:

  • A law firm senior associate was called by a legal recruiter who wants to submit his resume for a top notch lateral opportunity. The problem is the headhunter needs the resume by the end of the week. That’s not nearly enough time to go through the full, custom resume writing process and queue, so he needs to work with what he has. How can he make the most improvements in the least amount of time?
  • An experienced corporate attorney’s work history looks like a lot of red flags on paper—short-term jobs, lots of moves around the country, underemployment, and employment gaps. But there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for each move. With frustration, she says, “I have a hard time explaining my situation on paper. I can do it in-person in an interview, but I can’t get my foot in the door to do that.” The problem, of course, is circular: she needs employers to call her so that she can explain her resume, but her resume doesn’t generate calls from employers. How does she revise her resume to break this cycle?
  • A part-time attorney at a community-based non-profit doesn’t need a $1,500 resume to meet her career goals, but she does need resume help. She’s submitted her resume hundreds of times, but hasn’t been getting the responses she wants. Worse, she’s read a lot of conflicting advice about resumes and now she doesn’t know what to keep and what to change. How can she get an expert opinion on legal resumes and legal hiring to help her separate resume tips proven to work in the legal market from generic resume tips that may backfire?

*Samples are composites designed to protect the identities of individual clients.

How Resume Crams Work

The process and sign up are simple:

  • Send Shauna your current resume.
  • Have an interactive work session with Shauna. (In Live Edit sessions, Shauna takes the Resume Cram idea farther: she doesn’t just strategize with you. She will revise your career documents with you during your time together, then she’ll email you the edited document so you continue work, if necessary, on your own.)
  • Revise your resume into a more effective tool to help you reach your goals.

It’s that fast and easy.

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